Riding Arenas and Horse Stables

Year Round Comfort for Rider and Horse

When the weather turns to rain, or wind, or snow, it becomes difficult to ride, difficult to communicate with your horse.  FastCover riding arenas provide the perfect riding environment, in the comfort of inside, all year long.  Bright interiors with no shadows, clear span space, ventilation and a quiet, hushed surrounding make for ideal riding and training conditions.

See a Fastcover Riding Arena in use at Camp Nakamun:

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Riding Arena - Ride in Year Round comfort
Riding Arena – Year Round Comfort

Horse Stable Building
Horse Stables

Riding Arenas - Year Round Comfort
Riding Arenas Wide Open Space

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Brightly Lit Building Interior with no Shadows

The fabric building covers are semi-transluscent allowing a tremendous amount of natural light transmission through the fabric to the building interior, while blocking UV rays.  Interior lighting is usually not needed during daytime hours, even on cloudy days.  The bright underside of the fabric also helps to reflect artificial lighting used in non-daylight hours, distributing the light more evenly and reducing shadows so you can use every corner of your arena for riding.

Feels Warmer, Feels Cooler

Unlike other building materials, the polyethelene covers do not radiate heat and cold from the outside to the buildings interior.  As a result, the inside of the building feels warmer on a cold winter day and cooler on a hot summer afternoon.

Quiet Interior

Sound waves do not bounce and echo back from the fabric walls.  A more hushed environment makes it easier for the rider to communicate with the horse or instructors to communicate with their students.

Clear Span Space

With no columns required to support the building roof, the riding arena or stables are completely clear span space for obstacle free riding or to layout out your stable plan in any configuration you want.  The building walls rise rapidly to give you maximum usable space and clearance almost right up to the buildings steel support structure.

Easy to Maintain Footings

When you remove the elements of wind, rain, blazing sunshine and snow, your riding surface maintenance becomes less of a chore more of a simple grooming operation.

Design to Any Length for Viewing or Stables

A FastCover building can be designed and built to any length.  This means you can add a viewing area, tack room, offices, or storage to the front end of your buildings then use the rest for a riding arena.  If you want the convenience of stables attached to your riding arena then just extend the building (on either end) and your stables can be included inside the same building.  Or design a separate building for your stables to suit your operations.