Will a FastCover Building Work for my Agribusiness?

Some of the most attractive qualities of FastCover Buildings for the farm industry and for commercial businesses also make them ideal as buildings for Agribusiness. Our fabric buildings offer a variety of foundation options, utility savings, and clear span interior space.

Agri Business Warehouse Building
Agri Business Warehouse Building

Farm Buildings for Equipment Storage
Farm Buildings for Equipment Storage

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Maximized Space

All our buildings feature clear span space, we have no interior columns to interfere with the movement of vehicles or the placement of equipment.  Plan your workflow to maximize your own process, not to work around the limitations of your building.

Most FastCover building designs utilize the half-round design concept which results in buildings with high ceiling heights and walls that gain height quickly.  This makes for an increase in the availability of storage height such as warehouse storage racking or machinery clearance.

Utility Savings

During daylight hours, the cover material allows the transmission of tremendous amounts of daylight into the building interior, while blocking UV rays.  This means interior lighting is rarely required during business operational hours.  As well, the underside of the covers is highly reflective so when artificial interior lighting is used, is dispersed widely, often needing fewer lighting fixtures and less electricity consumption.

Rugged Design

From our powder coated steel super structure to our UV resistance fabric covers, FastCover buildings are built to last.  Powder coating is performed on the truss components after all welding has been completed.  This protects the steel framework from both weather conditions as well as providing corrosive protection from materials stored in the building.

Flexible Building Placement

Our fabric buildings can be installed or mounted on a wide assortment of foundations and wall structures.  With the continuous outer base rail frame, our buildings require no permanent foundation. FastCover screw anchors for ground mount applications allow your portable structure to be erected almost anywhere. For more permanent foundations, FastCover can provide a variety of options including concrete footings, piers, pads, concrete block foundations, screw piles, or pressure treated posts.