Fully Portable Equipment Storage Building

FastCover recently erected the 50’ wide Straight Leg Super Series structure for a prominent crown utility company in Western Manitoba, Canada to be used as an equipment storage building. The building was required to be fully portable as the property is currently being rented by the Utility Company and it will be required to be re-located at some point in time. Although the FastCover 50 SLSS is portable it is imperative that the structure and foundation meet National Building Code for that specific site, which it does. FastCover engineers ensured that the structure exceeded snow, wind and rain loads for the area and also that the foundation met all the necessary uplift, down force and horizontal load requirements. With the stamped engineering documents in hand, FastCover started the fabrication process. The FastCover 50 SLSS is unique in that it provides a tremendous amount of cubic volume inside the structure. With 10’ high exterior straight legs, equipment, pallets and commercial racking are able to be placed in close proximity to the sides allowing for great use of space. In this particular application incorporating concrete blocks as the foundation allow for even greater use by lifting the structure even higher. Incorporating a steel non-insulated overhead door with a chain hoist ensures that the weather elements stay where they should be… outside.


The purpose of this FastCover is to provide excellent inclement weather protection for the client’s equipment. Providing equipment protection drastically reduces the deterioration of tires, hoses, mechanical & electrical components plus reduces the early onset of rust on painted parts. Longer equipment life results in greater return on investment for the client. Another benefit is the creation of a better work environment for their mechanical staff to complete minor repairs and maintenance.


The building did not require the supply of electrical wiring or interior lighting.  Primarily a day-use building, the semi-translucent building covers and end walls transmit a tremendous amount of natural light to the building interior, even on cloudy days.  As a result, the expense to install artificial lighting was avoided, increasing the ease of a future building move.


FastCover uses only structural steel fabricated under the strict guidelines of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA A660-10). Working closely with and being audited annually by the CWB, FastCover ensures that documented welding procedures are adhered to by all CWB certified welders employed by FastCover. Being accredited and also annually audited to the CSA A660-10 standard ensures that we meet engineering standards as set out by the National and International building codes plus it ensures traceability of raw material to finished goods. Only CSA A660-10 accredited companies can provide site specific, engineer stamped documents for fabric structures such as FastCovers.

Farm Equipment Storage Building - Interior

Doing Business with FastCover during the COVID-19 Pandemic

FastCover Fabric Structures continues to be “Open for Business” during this pandemic. We are being very diligent with respect to the safety of our staff and clients. With Sales, Administrative and Certified Engineering Technologist staff working remotely, we continue to be fully capable of providing service to you on a regular basis. Our manufacturing facility is currently only producing building components for customer orders and our installation teams are adhering to the requests and requirements of our customers to ensure their and our safety during this time.

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FastCover used to Protect Overpass Concrete pours on Provincial Hwy Project

FastCover Fabric Structures was awarded the contract for the protection of concrete from the elements during pouring of overpasses for the Province of Manitoba. This project, using Portable Fabric Buildings, is slated for completion October of 2018. The picture shown is the FastCover 65′ wide by 100′ long.

Working with the general contractor Flatiron and the engineering group, FastCover has been able to design and develop structures that are capable of being used for the multitude of widths required for this project. Each FastCover can be reconfigured to change width dependent on the overpass being poured. This concept not only resulted in significant savings for this portion of the project but also increased efficiency in assembly and erection. Increasing or decreasing the widths of these FastCovers only requires the addition or deletion of a small number of steel components and no change to the fabric. These FastCovers range in size from 55′ wide to 100′ wide with a typical length of 100′ long. There is no doubt that these temporary structures are of significant size and require the need for appropriate equipment and trained personnel.

These FastCovers will be erected and disassembled multiple of times over the course of the project and have been designed to do so with ease. FastCover, working closely with the project engineers, has also ensured that all National Building Code requirements have been met to safely work in the structure and handle the site location’s climate loads in and around one of the heaviest concentration of vehicle traffic in Manitoba.

This is just one of many projects FastCover is currently involved in. FastCover is a proud family owned manufacturer and installer of fabric buildings serving the agriculture, industrial, commercial, oil & gas, and mining industries factory direct!  it is a great example of how Portable Fabric Buildings can add value to a commercial construction project.

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Solar Powered Building – Solar Solution for Your New FastCover

Solar Powered Building

We have developed the perfect solar power solution for your new FastCover portable fabric structure. A small 14×28 foldable solar panel is mounted onto a unique bracket that does not alter or affect your main fabric cover whatsoever. The bracket gets mounted onto the upper truss with self tapping screws and drops down below the storm flap and back up with a mounting bracket for the solar panel. Angle brackets allow you to adjust the angle on the solar panel depending on the light availability in your particular area. The solar power can be harnessed to generate lighting or light duty power use. This particular application plugs into a round fan that is mounted to the upper side end wall of the FastCover, allowing us to extract air out of the building in order to keep the humidity level lower in your brand new FastCover building. To encourage air movement we installed vents on the opposing end wall to draw in fresh air as the fan extracts humid air. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about getting a solar powered building.

YOU PICK!! FastCover Compact or Hi-Profile Now Available in 24′ and 30′ wide

You Pick!! For years we have been providing hundreds of FastCover 24 and 30 wide Structures to a variety of satisfied customers. As more of our long-term customers downsize and many of our new customers are expanding, the need to have more available options on these 2 structures became very apparent. We decided with customer input to have COMPACT and HI-PROFILE models in both 24′ and 30′ widths. The higher profile FastCovers are perfect for those taller vehicles and equipment such as RVs, Motorhomes, 5th wheels, and campers that seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The compact FastCovers meet the needs of many of our customers today who have an abundance of recreational and hobby farm equipment that not only need to work or play on demand, but also needs to look their best when summoned for action. In many instances, our customers need the width of the FastCover 24 and 30 wides but not necessarily such a high door.

Hi Profile Fabric Building

With popular sizes in stock from 768 to 1950 square feet, you are sure to find the one that suits you best.  They can easily accommodate a steel overhead or steel roll-up door if you so choose and you can add a walk in the door for convenience. The Compact’s lower profile nestles nicely into your property while maximizing your storage square footage needs. The Hi-Profile accommodates any equipment or vehicle that is road worthy.

With these new heights, FastCover can COVERALL and PROTECT your new wakeboard or fishing boat, that expensive new garden tractor, the snowblower, your quads, side-by-sides, sleds, motorcycles and whatever else you cherish. They can all be tucked away nicely waiting for their next adventure.

Call FastCover today to learn more about the new FastCover 24 & 32 COMPACT & HI-PROFILE Structures.

Call now 1-866-657-7172 or request more information on our website. See you soon!

lease a portable building

Lease Your New FastCover for as low as 5.9% oac

FastCover is always searching for ways to make the purchase of your new structure more manageable. This is why FastCover is proud to announce you can now lease a portable building from FastCover.

Why Lease a Portable Building

It is a significant, long-term investment that will ensure your farm and industrial equipment or recreational vehicles remain in excellent condition for years to come. Our customers know the value of keeping their assets out the harsh environment. Sun, snow, wind and rain can accelerate the deterioration of paint, tires, and hoses that ultimately depreciate the value of your equipment. As a farmer and business owner, leasing a portable building provides you the opportunity to;

  1. Manage your cash flow by removing the burden of a significant cash purchase
  2. Decide when and how much your payments should be based on your financial position
  3. Reduce your taxable income by writing off the lease payments

We’re here to make your purchase of your New FastCover as easy as possible. It’s just that simple!

This incredible offer is now available to you (oac) when you purchase your new FastCover. Just call us at 1-866-657-7172 or click here to lease a portable building.

You are not only a Great Welder….

But you have an uncanny ability to take a concept, visualize it, fabricate it and bring it to reality. We Want You! FastCover Fabric Structures, a leading manufacturer of fabric covered steel engineered buildings is currently recruiting qualified welders who have experience in developing and fabricating custom components, prototypes, displays and production parts for existing and new products. Mig welding, pipe bending, ironworker experience essential with preference of CWB certification and forklift operators license. To apply, email your resume to

FastCover is a full line manufacturer of steel framed fabric covered buildings ranging from 10′ wide to 86′ wide in unlimited length serving a wide range of industries such as Agricultural Farm and Ranch for Hay storage, Grain storage, Cattle handling, riding arenas: Oil & Gas Sector for heavy equipment storage, equipment maintenance: Commercial / Industrial Sector for material storage, equipment storage, light manufacturing, sand blasting, product display, product knowledge sessions / equipment training: Recreational for RV, ATV, Marine, 5th wheel, trailers, motorcycle, garden equipment storage or maintenance.

Portable Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

Interview with Neil Fast about the FastCover Portable Farm Equipment Storage Buildings.

Hi Neil, earlier today we were talking about your Portable Fabric Covered Buildings, and how they might be an ideal solution for farm equipment storage.

Neil – We have two great portable truss structures. And for the agricultural community, Fastcovers are a great option because they give you maximum square footage to store your farm equipment with the portability in the event that you ever wished to move it to a different site on your farm, you certainly can do that because of the way the building was designed.

Many of our ag customers not only use it for farm equipment storage, but for cattle handling to keep their cattle out of the weather – especially during times of calving.

When you talk about being in a flood plain, the building certainly can be moved out of harms way in the event that it needs to be moved to higher ground.

Typical Farm Uses For Fabric Covered Buildings


How long does it take to disassemble a building and put it back up in a different location?


If you did a partial disassemble, you certainly could do that in a day or two. Many of our ag customers have what is known as ‘The MacGyver Influence’, and they put plates under the building; either 2×4 or 2×6 steel skids, and they use farm equipment to drag fully structured buildings to different locations, depending on their needs. They have become quite creative and the Fastcover buildings certainly has the ability to withstand that sort of activity.

Easy Assembly Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

FastCover structures are pre-engineered and are modular in design. No heavy equipment required and no permanent foundation needed. Rapid installation, ease of relocation or extension, and lower operational costs make the FastCover structure the preferred choice of customers, no matter what it is used for!

  • Farm equipment storage buildings
  • Car and truck storage garage
  • Compost storage building
  • Fertilizer storage structure
  • Temporary grain storage building
  • Fabric covered hay storage barn


Do you have different door options for different sized equipment?


Yes, we have a number of different door options for fabric covered buildings. Generally the most economical type of door would be a fabric roll up door. You can probably do 15′ wide by 16′ high door, which is economical, but not necessarily practical if you are moving your equipment in and out on a regular basis.

We offer a steel re-enforced fabric door in a multitude of sizes to fit seeders, threshers, combine headers and other equipment to fit the users needs. The steel re-enforced fabric doors are slightly more expensive – still a good value, and certainly make it easier for regular use.

Although Fastcover is not in the commercial door business, we have 3rd party connections where we can assist a customer if they wish to put in a steel overhead, a roll up door, a commercial door, a bi-fold door… In those instances we generally match our customer with one of our suppliers so they can purchase directly. That adds greater value to the equation of buying a Fastcover.

Farm Equipment Storage BuildingsThank you for watching this video, we greatly appreciate your interest in a Fastcover as your Portable Storage building for your Farm Equipment and implements.

Request a Quote Today.

We are a family-owned business, manufacturing our product in the prairies, for the prairies weather. We invite everyone to stop by our location – we are open to the public and are more than happy to assist you directly in your Farm Equipment Storage Building needs.

Thanks so much – and remember – @itsafastcover

FastCover Wants You! USA Dealers, Installers, Retailers… Call Now!

FastCover Fabric Structures located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the heart of North America, is looking for Fabric Building Dealers, Fabric Building Installers and Fabric Building Retailers in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Western Montana who are looking to generate profitable revenue selling and installing our fabric building products. You may be a fabric building dealer today that wants to add the FastCover line to your current portfolio or a dealer of various building supplies, construction materials, ranch or agricultural products that FastCovers would be a good fit with. You may be a builder that supplies and erects structures for the agricultural, commercial or oil & gas industries. You may be large or small retailer that provides agricultural, ranch and building materials to the end user or contractor. Or you may be someone who sees an opportunity and has the ability to sell FastCover fabric structures. Call us now at 1-866-657-7172

We have been in business for over 35 years designing and manufacturing engineered fabric covered steel structures. Family owned and operated with a comprehensive manufacturing and powdercoat paint facility, FastCover serves a variety of industries including Farm & Ranch, Commercial, Oil & Gas and Acreage & Hobby.

FastCover Fabric Structures highlighted in WRLA Publication

FastCover: Combining Quality. Innovation and Value. FastCover was recently selected by the WRLA for their Member Profile section in the Feb/Mar issue of Yardstick. As a new member of WRLA, we were excited to exhibit at the 2106 WRLA Buying Show in Calgary, Alberta earlier this year. Being selected for the WRLA Member Profile was an added bonus allowing members to get more familiar with our company, even though we have been manufacturing in Winnipeg, Manitoba for over 37 years. As a family owned, private business, Neil Fast and his partner Bill Fast want to ensure that customers purchasing their new FastCover are fully satisfied for years to come… After all, every structure they build and install has the family’s name on it!

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Thank You USA

A Big Thank You to our FastCover USA Dealers and Customers during the first 6 months of 2015. Their support has been tremendous, allowing FastCover with their expertise to supply and erect FastCovers throughout the Upper Midwest States, especially North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Working together to ensure the end user of our structures is provided the best solution to meet their needs is and will continue to be key. With the Fast Cover Canadian manufacturing facility being in close proximity to the Canada / US border, and with the added bonus of a strong American dollar, it is certainly an opportune time to capitalize on an exceptionally well built fabric structure with tremendous value. The entire team at FastCover thanks those that have allowed us to serve you and we look forward to providing great value and service to those who may need a FastCover.

Successful Launch of the New FastCover Garage Packages

FastCover successfully launched the new garage packages at Ag Days in Brandon, Manitoba Canada late January 2015. With three distinct sizes, 14?x20?, 18?x25? and 22?x30? this new line certainly meets customer demands. The majority of customers requesting this product require storage for everything from vehicles, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and a variety of other items. This line up uses the FastCover base rail system for ease of installation and is truly portable. Each of the three packages comes complete with everything needed to install including the industry proven Trac-Rite steel roll up door. FastCover garage packages incorporate the same quality powdercoat painted steel structure with the exact same Hi Density Polyethylene woven fabric used in our larger commercial buildings. They are in stock and ready to go.