Temporary & Portable Fabric Buildings

Image the extra value that your buildings would have if you could move them to a new location when needed. Whether the situation is selling one property and moving to another location or buildings in use from job site to job site. A portable fabric building continues to deliver value from location to location.

Minimize Foundation Needs

FastCover Fabric Buildings are designed to stand the test of time but are also built to be transportable to a new location. The unique baserail system minimizes the foundation requirements and the modular design permits disassembly and re-assembly at a new location.

Fabric Buildings are Modular

The truly modular design of FastCover Portable Fabric Buildings means they can be assembled in days. Compare this to the weeks and months it may take to build a traditional style building such as steel or wood and there is no comparison. Plus most wood or steel construction buildings can not be easily disassembled and moved.