Bright and airy and 100% clear span design makes FastCover buildings an ideal choice for improved animal comfort, product and crop storage and equipment maintenance and storage buildings.

Mining & Energy

Choose a FastCover building for versatility and adaptability plus flexible foundation options so you can erect your building where and when you need it.

Oil & Gas

Rugged construction to stand up to harsh conditions and modular design for quick deployment make FastCover buildings an obvious choice in the Oil and Gas sector.

Commercial Heavy Equipment & Truck Storage

Open clear span space to maneuver, short installation timelines plus lower electricity costs make FastCover buildings ideal for your truck and equipment storage needs.

Commercial Fishing

Indoor storage space with flexible foundation option make a FastCover building a smart choice to store your gear, your boat, or use as a commercial storefront or maintenance shop.

Temporary / Portable Fabric Buildings

FastCover Fabric Buildings are designed to stand the test of time but are also built to be transportable to a new location. The unique baserail system minimizes the foundation requirements and the modular design permits disassembly and re-assembly at a new location.